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 Sir. Akuano-to | Owner Kiwi | Born 22/10/2005 - 18 years 54 days 4 hrs 54 mins 30 secs old


color: 80,237,235
eyes: 40,197,195
markings: natural
spots: 133
stripes: 157
fins: 24
blue crest: RR
green crest: Bb
strange crest: Sss


agility: 4 + 3
charm: 1 + 1
intelligence: 11.1 + 7
strength: 4 + 2
health: 50 / 50
mood: delighted
defence: + 3

Children (1)

Melesse (Ptolemy)

Clothing (6)

Black Cape (M)
Blue Mempo
Felt Hat
Sea Fern Earrings
Classic Stripes
Masquerade Beads


Adventurous Grophs are always out for something new. If there is a place to find they will find it, an island to visit, they will visit it. Of course that often gets them into trouble.

Adventurous Grophs like to travel.

Greetings, I am Sir Akuan-to. Many, my cavemates included, would call me a pirate. And while I admit that I do make a living on the seas of the wurld, relieving other ships of their cargoes and the grophs aboard them of their belongings, I view myself as a gentlegroph. Always a gentlegroph. I don't say 'arr' or any of that nonsense, and I most certainly do not have rats on my ship.
But that does not mean I fight fair...

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