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What is Grophland?

Grophland is a browser based Virtual World, a Virtual Pet Site and much much more. Grophland is inhabited by Grophs (pronouced to rhyme with coughs), magical creatures a little like slugs, a little like butterflies (you can see one on the right). Grophs come in an infinite variety of colours, with over 14 billion (that's right, 14 billion) combinations of hair, spots, wings, genders and more. In fact Every Groph is pretty much unique.

Grophland is also a world (you can learn more about it's history here), a land of adventure and exploration, with new lands and frontiers opening up at every turn. It is a world of danger, with monsters and conspiracies that threaten the otherwise innocent Grophs. It is a world of mysteries, magic, alchemy and sorcery, in which you can guide your own family of Grophs to befriend others, defend themselves, accumulate items, and launch their own expeditions into the unknown.

What can I do with my Grophs?

As a Grophland player you will take charge of your own Cave of Grophs. You can breed, buy, and trade Grophs, explanding your cave (and it's nest chambers, rooms and garden as you go), and your groph population. You can dress your Grophs in a huge variety of clothing, give them pets, items, weapons, armour and tools. You can train your Grophs in a wide variety of skills and abilities, set them to tasks (such as digging, egg minding, diplomacy, sea voyages and more), or explore alongside them.

You can breed your Grophs with other Grophs (both yours and other players'), train them, use potions on them and enter them into contests. You can play games with your Grophs, gain money by gambling, and collect items too. Chat on the boards, explore the corners of Grophland, become the top owner, there's always something to do.

Grophland is a world full of puzzles and activities, ranging from ones easy enough for the younger kids (we recommend a minimum age of around 8 or 9 for a Grophland player) to complex code based challenges for the puzzle obsessed adult. Grophland is a safe place for people of all ages to participate in, with a strong community feeling and very active moderators.

How much will this cost me?

Anyone can play Grophland for free, for as long as they like, but free accounts are somewhat limited. They can only have 12 Grophs at a time, and have limits on items and grophmails. A paid account, which costs $20 a year, can have up to 51 Grophs (with some cave upgrades), and has no other limits. Paid account owners can pay one time fees (usually 5 or 10 dollars) for other special features.

So where next?

Go back to the Grophland Front page by clicking here and follow the link on the right to create yourself an account. Log in, read the welcome message, and get playing! More help is available within Grophland from the help menu, and other players will always be willing to answer your questions on the discussion forums. Have fun!