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Online Safety

Grophland is above all a family environment. We have many adult players, and many children as well, of all sorts of ages, and we take the safety of all of our users, young and old, very seriously. Grophland does not ask users for personal information (other than an email address to send your password) such as location, age, gender, real name, or anything else, and we strongly encourage all of our users not to give such information out to anyone else. We have an active policy of removing players who phish for such information, and of advising our users how best to stay safe online. If you join Grophland you will not find it full of personal adds, photos, and the like.

Active Moderation

Grophland has a very active (and proactive) team of staff (Moderators and Wizards) who constantly monitor the discussion forums, respond to complaints, handle problem users, and work to keep the site safe. New users are often amazed by the quick and friendly responses of Grophland's staff, and we are proud of the job we do. Above all Grophland is a place to feel safe, happy, and relaxed.


We don't really advise that children younger than 9 use Grophland on their own, and we would encourage parents to monitor the usage of older children as well. Regardless, however, we do not ask for ages and work to make sure that Grophland is suitable for all, children and adults alike.

Privacy Statement strives to collect as little personally identifiable data as possible about it's players. We do not ask for ages, real names, addresses, genders, places of work, or any other such information, and we encourage users not to share them. We do collect the following information :

  • A valid email address is required to register. This is used only to enable password resets, to inform you of site events (if you have opted in), and, if necessary, to provide information to law enforcement.
  • Your computer's IP address is collected and stored for up to 30 days. This is to increase security, and to help us spot people with multiple accounts.
  • If you make a payment through Paypal to, you will disclose your real name and address if these are known to PayPal. We do not keep any of this data beyond PayPal's normal data lifetime.
  • We do not disclose any personally identifiable information to any 3rd party. An exception is made in the case of legal requirement.

Cookie Policy

Grophland sets two cookies when you log into the website. These cookies are required to play the game and cannot be opted out of (in compliance with EU cookie regulations). These cookies are deleted as soon as you log out of the game. No other cookies are set by the site, although some may be set by Google and Facebook if you are logged into those sites while playing Grophland.

Data Controller / COPPA Operator

The appropriate contact for any questions on data collection or retention is

David Donachie
[email protected]