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A Valentine's Groph


Breeding is one of the central activites on Grophland, and we have a rich and varied variety of genetic traits and breeding targets awaiting the new player. Grophs in two genders (Male and Female) and three breeds (Land, Fire and Aquatic). Grophs bred together lay eggs which hatch in two days into fully fledged adult Grophs. Players can breed with their own Grophs, or with those put out to stud by other players, and the hatcheries ensure a steady supply of new Grophs into the mix.

an example of the three breeds

Grophs have a wide variety of breedable traits. Their body colour, eye colour, hair type, breed, wing shape and size, body pattern (spots and stripes) and basic stats (agility, charm, intelligence, health and strength) are all based on those of their parents, with random factors thrown into the mix.

Special Grophs

In addition a wide variety of special inheritable traits give you access to all sorts of special breeds of Grophs, such as Angels, Devils, Sprites, Dryads, Moths, Stellars, Sharks, Ice, Rainbow and more. (You can see an example of a Valentine's Groph on the right.)

Some of these special breeds just require the right combination of traits, others require you to visit certain places in Grophland, complete tasks or solve puzzles, so if you are looking for some real challenges they are there waiting for you!