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Sir Richard

Dressing Up

Billions of colour, wing, spot, stripe and hair combinations not enough for you? Worried that nothing would make your Groph stand out from the rest? Never fear, because unlike most other pet sites Grophland lets you dress up your pets in the finest of costumes!

There are many hundreds of clothing items on Grophland, with more arriving all the time. From simple staples like bows, ribbons, badges and shirts, all the way to masks, armour, and full body costumes. Your Groph isn't just restricted to one piece of clothing at a time either. Currently they can have up to 25 pieces of clothing at once, hats, scarves, bows, dresses, tunics, tail warmers, staves, walking sticks, shields, headdresses, wigs and more!

There are just too many items of clothing to list, many of them seasonal, but the Groph on the right should give you a good example of how a costume might look.

Here are a random pair of clothing items (reload the page to see a different set).

White Dress

Kharak Dress