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 Male Moth | Owner qwerty!!!!!!!! | Born 10/06/2010 - 13 years 186 days 18 hrs 46 mins 26 secs old


color: 69,98,151
eyes: 50,188,138
markings: natural
spots: 113
stripes: 35
wings: 216
red crest: rr
yellow crest: bb
strange crest: Sss


agility: 4
charm: 3
intelligence: 12
strength: 2
health: 50 / 50
mood: delighted


Adventurous Grophs are always out for something new. If there is a place to find they will find it, an island to visit, they will visit it. Of course that often gets them into trouble.

Adventurous Grophs like to travel.

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