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(rank 13) - Preposterous Knight - Silver Knight

 Macabre | Owner Melodious | Born 16/08/2011 - 12 years 203 days 19 hrs 48 mins 28 secs old


color: 5,0,9
eyes: 255,38,0
markings: natural
spots: 116
stripes: 36
wings: 200
red crest: RR
yellow crest: Bb
strange crest: SSS


agility: 49.7 + 16
charm: 28.6 + 14
intelligence: 133.7 + 13
strength: 54.3 + 23
health: 111 / 111
mood: delighted
defence: + 7
epicure pts.: 2

Children (8)

Floredis (Scarpen)
Blue Dragon (Michelle)
Swing (Shawol)
Drake (Chase999)
Golden Green (Chase999)
Pacaya (meadow)
nameless (CarnS)
Dominic (Nora)

Clothing (7)

Black Wings
Red Kimono
Ogre Mask
Puca Mask
Ceremonial Zweihander
Black Leaf Armour


Friendly Grophs want to get to know you better, whoever you are. Always ready with a smile and a wave, a friendly Groph never turns you away.

A Friendly Groph makes the Grophs it plays with more happy.

You tentatively creep along the murky alleys of Grophtown, gripping a basket tightly against your side. Your breath is shaky and your legs tremble. Your clammy palm is the only guide through the misty roads. Coming across a small archway, you decide to rest your wings and sit down on the aged stone. As your ears adjust to the quiet medley of the town, you begin to be lulled by the silence. Suddenly you're awoken by the slithering of a tail to your right. A muffled song comes soon after, and you struggle to decipher it. You close your eyes again to help focus, and the melody becomes clear. When you open your eyes again, you find a pair of bright golden orbs staring directly back. You start to scream, scared by this haunting stranger, but your voice is cut short by his gloved hand.

Since that night, grophs have heard reports of a masked groph with a red cape and golden eyes wandering the streets every night. He hums the same tune, with young little grophs skipping by his side.

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