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 Oberon | Owner Lt. Whosia | Born 08/04/2012 - 10 years 307 days 8 hrs 18 mins 9 secs old


color: 42,186,159
eyes: 0,105,200
markings: natural
spots: 34
stripes: 28
wings: 248
red crest: RR
yellow crest: Bb
strange crest: SSs


agility: 25.3 + 15
charm: 13.1 + 28
intelligence: 137.8 + 53
strength: 11.8 + 14
health: 62 / 62
mood: happy
epicure pts.: 16

Clothing (13)

Red & Black Kabuki Paint
Fire Elemental Mask
Handheld Scroll
Tufted Hair Pectoral
Golden Necklace
Half Moon Glasses
Crystal Ball
Rich Purple Robe
Genius Hair
Purple Wings
Scribe's Quill
Raven's Eye


Smart Grophs are quick to learn and solve puzzles. Even the most difficult of problems is a challenge, not a hindrance, to them.

A Smart Groph is born with +10 Intelligence

You see someone dart across the bubbling lava pool and have to look again to make sure it was really there. When you see nothing you assume it was the Texolan fires twisting into the air. But you see it again. And again. Everywhere you look you see it. Jumping around you like an ember in the breeze. You realise this is no trick of the imagination but a groph dancing in the fires warming glow. He appears to fly, like the king of the fairies for which he is named after, and know that this is Oberon, that dancing ember caught in a breeze.

Groph of the Week: 27/4/2014

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