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 DeeCee | Owner Njord | Born 22/10/2013 - 9 years 110 days 1 hrs 51 mins 22 secs old


color: 223,168,138
eyes: 146,37,196
markings: natural
spots: 119
stripes: 53
wings: 199
red crest: Rr
yellow crest: bb
strange crest: Sss


agility: 4
charm: 2
intelligence: 23
strength: 2
health: 50 / 50
mood: miserable
epicure pts.: 1


Friendly Grophs want to get to know you better, whoever you are. Always ready with a smile and a wave, a friendly Groph never turns you away.

A Friendly Groph makes the Grophs it plays with more happy.

I have lovely dark purple eyes

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