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(rank 1) - Pit Scrub - Mourner of King Regibald

 Dagobert Danube Diver | Owner Brangwen | Born 09/01/2014 - 5 years 103 days 8 hrs 7 secs old


color: 212,195,196
eyes: 172,155,156
markings: natural
spots: 0
stripes: 171
fins: 167
blue crest: Rr
green crest: bb
strange crest: SSS


agility: 23.9 + 20
charm: 16.2 + 31
intelligence: 219.7 + 27
strength: 26 + 29
health: 151 / 151
mood: delighted
defence: + 4
criminality: 3
epicure pts.: 96

Clothing (14)

Feather Pectoral
Green Coral Piercing
Oak Leaf Brooch
Magenta Cape (M)
Sea Glass Necklace
Fishscale Tunic
Golden Trident
Wild Yellow Moustache
Yellow Flower
Yellow Tail Ribbon
Feather Headdress
Heavy Red Kabuki Paint


Fit Grophs just seem to have a little more energy, a little more stamina than anyone else. Fit Grophs are never tired or exhausted.

A Fit Groph is born with +20 Health

He's fit, fitter than fit, and fast, like a flash, of lightening, flashing through the water. He's so fit because he trains all day, he even trains in his sleep...probably. He jogs around Grophtown every day. He waves wildly at everyone he sees. He does starfish jumps, sometimes he goes for a refreshing swim across the ocean to Aquaria. He waves at all the ships. Inexperienced Captains have dredged him out in a net, thinking he might be drowning, but no, just swimming and waving. A jolly pleasant chap really. Catch up with him one day; if you can.

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