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 Ice Dragon | Owner David Boreanaz | Born 27/07/2022 - 1 years 221 days 7 hrs 35 mins 31 secs old


color: 45,203,237
eyes: 0,199,255
markings: natural
spots: 0
stripes: 7
wings: 255
red crest: RR
yellow crest: BB
strange crest: SSS


agility: 22.6 + 7
charm: 12.3 + 12
intelligence: 20.3 + 11
strength: 23.3 + 18
health: 50 / 50
mood: ecstatic
defence: + 1
epicure pts.: 11

Clothing (5)

Blue Masquerade Mask
Chamber Candle
Large Ankh Necklace
Brokenhorn Costume


Beautiful Grophs are charming and pretty, quick witted and fair of face. A beautiful Groph is seldom turned down for a party.

A Beautiful Groph is born with +10 Charm

Pet's name: Irish
Sunday Jan 14 2024
Groph of the Week (posted in regular announcement at 0:01)
A new Groph of the Week has been added today.

Congratulations to Ice Dragon, owned by David Boreanaz (David_Boreanaz), for being the Ice Giant Impersonator!

We sure sure got a fright when we first spotted this fierce looking groph prowling in the snow, thinking Brokenhorn had returned once again! But thankfully he turned out to be a very charming Ice Dragon

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