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(rank 9) - Lady of the Northern Lights

 Newtina Xenothes, the Gentle Queen of Newtonia | Owner NewtOnia | Born 07/09/2007 - 16 years 316 days 3 hrs 1 mins 30 secs old


color: 212,155,79
eyes: 7,193,243
markings: natural
spots: 40
stripes: 8
fins: 26
blue crest: Rr
green crest: BB
strange crest: SSs


agility: 4 + 20
charm: 6.1 + 32
intelligence: 178.7 + 17
strength: 5 + 11
health: 50 / 50
mood: happy

Children (4)

Clothing (8)

White Pirate Shirt
Red Aqua Veils
White Mask
Shell Wig
Carnation Wrap
Strange Hair Shell
Anniversary Wings
Chamber Candle


Studious Grophs love to learn. Their idea of a perfect day is to while it away with a book in their tail.

Studious Grophs gain more Intelligence from reading books.

Due to the faint trace of gecko blood in her veins (King Glowstick is her great-great-great grandfather!), Newtina is not as war-like as her fellow newts are, infact, she hates fighting, and gets upset whenever Ciminin argues with his father.

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