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 Saix | Owner Mia-bo-bia | Born 06/06/2010 - 13 years 112 days 11 hrs 27 mins 10 secs old


color: 69,57,159
eyes: 44,182,128
markings: natural
spots: 110
stripes: 44
wings: 224
red crest: Rr
yellow crest: Bb
strange crest: Sss


agility: 0 + 10
charm: 20.6 + 10
intelligence: 31 + 10
strength: 21 + 9
health: 66 / 66
mood: delighted

Children (1)

Male Moth (qwerty!!!!!!!!)

Clothing (1)

Acolyte's Coat


Smart Grophs are quick to learn and solve puzzles. Even the most difficult of problems is a challenge, not a hindrance, to them.

A Smart Groph is born with +10 Intelligence

I'm part of Ellia's Organization XIII series of grophs! I am Saix, also known as the Luna Diviner. I wield the power of the moon, and I am Number VII within Organization XIII. I am very much a cold, unfeeling Groph, but when the full moon sparkles overhead? I go Berserk.

Organization XIII and Kingdom Hearts (C) Square Enix and Disney.

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