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(rank 3) - Wailing Mourner

 Ciran | Owner Kyo | Born 19/04/2011 - 12 years 160 days 7 hrs 54 mins 41 secs old


color: 88,54,183
eyes: 44,176,120
markings: natural
spots: 115
stripes: 44
wings: 187
red crest: RR
yellow crest: Bb
strange crest: Sss


agility: 20.5
charm: 22.2
intelligence: 73.8
strength: 20
health: 103 / 103
mood: miserable
epicure pts.: 12

Children (3)

Cirano (Leo's Gems)
Nizo (Savvy)
Ozina Shatterhand (Ninka)


Adventurous Grophs are always out for something new. If there is a place to find they will find it, an island to visit, they will visit it. Of course that often gets them into trouble.

Adventurous Grophs like to travel.

Right of way,
To be taught.
A halo placed on her noble brow,
Slanted with stress.
The pain of the Earths suffering.
Weighing heavy on her shoulders.
With one final breath,
She granted the world eternal peace.
dose not like ten gold chews.

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