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 Alanei | Owner Chi | Born 06/06/2010 - 13 years 190 days 19 hrs 27 mins 22 secs old


color: 65,88,167
eyes: 49,198,140
markings: natural
spots: 110
stripes: 36
wings: 196
red crest: Rr
yellow crest: bb
strange crest: Sss


agility: 128 + 8
charm: 110.5 + 17
intelligence: 127.5 + 7
strength: 126.2 + 22
health: 219 / 219
mood: delighted
defence: + 9
epicure pts.: 15

Children (46)

GhostMoth (SecretSquirrel)
- Samantha (Legend of Zelda)
narcissa malfoy (Legend of Zelda)
- Charlie (RavensMoons)
Cathy (RavensMoons)
Coop (RavensMoons)
Common Gardening moth (GrtPinkSeaSnail)
- Jorgina (Em)
- Coraline (Tiney)
Lady Willow (roastedalmonds)
Amerie (Tranquility)
Sophia of the Gropherazzi (The Gropherazzi)
Amber (angel)
Luna (UDaniFS)
Burning Daisy (twix)
- Neo (jaydelouise)
- Katherine (Kayla)
Frizzy (jojolover)
Frizzys husban (jojolover)
- Damon (Abbey_Dawn)
- Buffy (R3d_Rap70r)
Peyton (Sillygirl)
- Bonnie (Fur)
DarlingLookAtMe (HisPrincess)
Liv (liv)
Akari (Dollface')
Fire (wildears)
Lupin (Hayhay Rene)
Samuel (hi)
- Samuel (jerms)
Kari (Tali~Krystal)
- Lianna (starlight)
- Sha-sha (FyreMoon)
- Slinky (FyreMoon)
- Spike (Lily)
MothQueen (AngelSweets)
Blueberry (jennybunny)
Plum (jennybunny)
Flutter (Kelsey)
Bob (Cherry Blossum)
Sherbobit (Cherry Blossum)
The Noble Scholaress (Enchanted Cove)
Tester - Smart Strong Agile (Shnook)
Elena (Heart)
Katherine (Heart)
Over the Moon (Grophisons)

Clothing (4)

Jungle Mask
Kuak Shawl
Iron Jingasa
Dress of Rainbow Veils


Fit Grophs just seem to have a little more energy, a little more stamina than anyone else. Fit Grophs are never tired or exhausted.

A Fit Groph is born with +20 Health

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