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(rank 14) - Honourable Knight - Footsoldier - Chief Pot Boy - Scullery Boy - Pot Boy

 Arbaro Dvasia | Owner Lt. Whosia | Born 14/04/2011 - 12 years 243 days 19 hrs 12 mins 29 secs old


color: 43,87,42
eyes: 0,0,0
markings: natural
spots: 110
stripes: 29
wings: 231
red crest: RR
yellow crest: bb
strange crest: SSs


agility: 28.6 + 10
charm: 21.3 + 19
intelligence: 156.7 + 8
strength: 30.1 + 13
health: 88 / 88
mood: miserable
defence: + 1
criminality: 1
epicure pts.: 9

Children (11)

Celestiana (Leo's Gems)
Lady Camila (AccioSherlockï¿)
Lorthemar (Leth)
DeeCee (Njord )
Robero Luna Mothirazzi (The Blue Lady)
Samantha Luna Mothirazzi (Out of The Blue)
Solange Luna Mothirazzi (Out of The Blue)
Lunar Boy (Blue Crest)
Sithe (C.)
Keahi (angel)

Clothing (8)

Nanu Flower
Winter Forest Robe
Leaf Necklace
Mystic Branch
Winter Forest Hood
Quill Headdress
Bronze Doublet
Heavy Red Kabuki Paint


Smart Grophs are quick to learn and solve puzzles. Even the most difficult of problems is a challenge, not a hindrance, to them.

A Smart Groph is born with +10 Intelligence

You're on an expedition through the Jungle Island woods when you spot something moving through the undergrowth. You can just make out the shape of moth wings on the groph's back.
He moves silently, not disturbing a single blade of grass. No one could do that, could they? Something is wrong. This groph moves too delicately for even the lightest groph.
And then, he's gone. Vanished into the bushes. Not a leaf rustled, the breeze didn't blow. Nothing. Just nothing.
This is Arbaro Dvasia, the Forest Spirit and silent protector of the Mainland forests.

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