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 Rouge | Owner Melodious | Born 09/01/2010 - 13 years 142 days 1 hrs 49 mins 25 secs old


color: 101,110,190
eyes: 255,38,0
markings: natural
spots: 116
stripes: 24
wings: 167
red crest: Rr
yellow crest: Bb
strange crest: SSs


agility: 3.4 + 10
charm: 10.2 + 20
intelligence: 125.8 + 16
strength: 13.7 + 9
health: 66 / 66
mood: happy
epicure pts.: 2

Children (55)

Alexia (Lindz)
Meow (saucie)
Almanzo (Scritch)
Luna (fryger)
Princess Zara (Mehtevas)
charlotte freour (xღxღ)
Arbaro Dvasia (Lt. Whosia)
Amun (caseypoohtootie)
Muna (caseypoohtootie)
Oceana (Swizzie)
Quilian (FickleByNature)
Machi (lee)
Cole (pooh12)
Grant (pooh12)
Ricki (pooh12)
Ticki (pooh12)
Cara (Now or Never)
- Samantha (Free Grophs)
Twilight (Lola Firefox)
- Ineultas (juliajuljulia)
- Nikki (juliajuljulia)
Elisabeth (Wolfgurl~-~)
Saix (Mia-bo-bia)
Booshank (invisibleskittl)
- Laney (grophy)
Moon (hall)
Licia (Devourist)
Amelie (greenghost)
Nyght Darkness (greenghost)
- Saskia (coolu8)
Ellie (purplegiraffe13)
- Licia (tinkerbell)
Ana Polly Bates (sissy)
Desert Sand (TheHatter)
- Nikita (Alana)
Mila (WriterGal)
Pied Piper (kaylbrat)
Genie (AlleyKat)
- Samantha (Mel)
- Samuel (flower)
- Samuel (Cookies)
Samantha (Juicy12)
Samantha (hi)
Taro (FyreMoon)
Taru (FyreMoon)
Isla (HMS Royalty)
MisticLove (AngelSweets)
Andromache (LolEgeorge)
Alanei (Chi)
Ciran (Kyo )
Kraite (zebub)
Wendal (Josie)
Combat (osado reborn)
Juliet (osado reborn)

Clothing (5)

Skull Necklace
Leaden Earrings
Black Rose Circlet
Half Moon Glasses
Maid's Dress


Friendly Grophs want to get to know you better, whoever you are. Always ready with a smile and a wave, a friendly Groph never turns you away.

A Friendly Groph makes the Grophs it plays with more happy.

Nice to meet you dear. The name's Rogue. I'm a mother to many, many children, most of which are fire moths like myself.

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